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  • 15 Dec 2017

    The 4 best counties to buy a house in New York state

    The state of New York is a great place in which to live. The state has a thriving economy, great employment opportunities, high salaries, and an affordable cost of living. It also has high-quality schools - good news for families with children. Finally, New York has many social amenities, such as gr... [Read more]
    Category: USA
  • 05 Dec 2017

    Ever lost sleep about your future retirement income?

    Retirement is one of those things that nobody seems to tell you about until it’s too late – or at least, you are unwilling to listen until the imminent importance of pension planning suddenly creeps up on you.

    There is nothing more unsettling than having to worry about your financial security after y

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 17 Nov 2017

    How virtual offices can shape the future of business

    A lot of young people today want to run their own businesses. The millennial spirit lives on in undergraduates who want to earn a living by fleshing out nifty ideas for various areas such as gaming and B2B marketing. The idea here is that it has become very easy for these young entrepreneurs to mana... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 09 Nov 2017

    4 reasons why you should consider buying a luxury home

    There was a time when the term “luxury home” meant sprawling mansions in the middle of high-end enclaves. But it has already changed to reflect today’s urban society. Being in the center of the city - with easy access to the best in business and entertainment - signifies the true luxuries that peopl... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 08 Nov 2017

    5 reasons why Minneapolis is a great place to live

    There are many things that make a place great. From the art and the sports to the education and the economy, these factors can vary. However, some cities seem to have it all, like the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With beautiful scenery and easy access to the great outdoors, a growing economy, and... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 03 Nov 2017

    How to fix a leaky roof

    Whether you find yourself suffering the inconvenience of a leaky roof or you’re just looking to shore up the existing arrangements, it is possible to carry out most maintenance and upgrade work on your own roof yourself. If you’ve never attempted at roofing work before it might seem like quite the h... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 20 Oct 2017

    4 of the most affordable places to live in North Carolina

    With its scenic views and excellent employment opportunities, North Carolina attracts plenty of residents and is naturally one of the most populated U.S. states. This huge population also means there's high demand for affordable accommodation. If you're planning to move to North Carolina or have bee... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 17 Oct 2017

    Luxury real estate: Things to know before investing

    Just like anyone who works hard for their money, entrepreneurs invest in order to have enough savings for the future. They invest so that they can have the money that they’ll need when they can no longer work. If you are thinking of investing, one of the best options is to invest in luxury homes for... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 21 Sep 2017

    What should be known about 1031 Exchange properties?

    The 1031 exchange is basically happening when a business asset or an investment asset is swapped for another one. Most of the swaps are going to be taxable but when you are eligible for 1031 there will be limited tax present or zero tax. Because of this, 1031 exchange property is highly valuable for... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 14 Sep 2017

    Spruce up your outdoor space with these 7 ideas

    Is your home’s outdoor space looking a little boring or rundown? Do you wish it looked nicer so that you could spend a little more time out there, and actually enjoy it? If so, you’re far from alone. Plenty of people have outdoor spaces at their home that they want to look a little better. The hard ... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 06 Sep 2017

    The exchange of contracts process

    The legal agents involved with the exchange of contracts will generally read out the stipulations involved to each other telephonically, before mailing them out to each other. This process is known as the ‘exchange’.

    In the case of you being a member of a chain of exchange of contracts, your legal re

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 21 Aug 2017

    Is your home about to undergo major renovations? Here’s how you can do your best to keep things clean

    You’ve spent weeks, months, possibly years planning your big home renovation project and finally, the time has come to let the work begin. Clearly, this is a time that is filled with excitement and anticipation, but unfortunately, major renovations can also spell out major mess in and outside your h... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 27 Jul 2017

    The benefits of hiring an interior designer

    Whether you’re a new homeowner or just want to give your current home a facelift, the idea of designing the entire space from scratch can be quite daunting. Interior design magazines are helpful but can only do so much when it comes to entirely reconceptualizing your interior space. This is where an
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Blog
  • 09 Jun 2017

    Reasons you should have a water feature in your garden

    Many people consider adding a water feature to their garden but are put off by the expense, work involved, or the lack of space. However, these things don’t have to put a stop to your water feature dreams. The truth is, a water feature can be whatever you want it to be. Generally, they are cheaper

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Blog

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