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  • 06 Jun 2016

    Latest Listings on Nubricks - June 2016

    3 Bed Residential Property - Fort Plain, Montgomery County, New York, USA - £124,353

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    Residential Property - New York, USA - £414,048

    View the full listing

    2 Bed Residential Property - New York, USA - £96,772

    View the full listing

    Commercial Unit - 7,500 sq. ft. - New York, USA - £

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 27 Jul 2009

    California National Parks Face Shutdown

    california national park shut down

    Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to be reprising his role as the Terminator – terminating entry to 220 of California’s stunning state parks in a bid to protect the beleaguered state from suffering further in the recession…

    Arnie has decided that state of California can no longer afford to run its parks. T

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 02 Apr 2009

    Global Warming Threatens California Real Estate

    global warming affects california real estate

    Global warming has a lot to answer for - as it continues to melt glaciers and ice caps, sea levels are rising and homes are at risk of being submerged in years to come – according to experts who predict that up to £70.5 billion worth of property in California is at risk…

    San Francisco will be one the

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 23 Mar 2009

    Chicago’s Sears Tower Renamed Willis Tower

    chicago sears tower renamed willis tower

    One of the stalwarts of the Chicago skyline, the 1451-foot Sears Tower is to be renamed the Willis Tower after the New York-based owners signed a lease with Willis Group Holdings Ltd, for 140,000 square feet plus naming rights…

    The tallest building in the western hemisphere has been leased by global

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 23 Feb 2009

    Obama Stimulus To Jumpstart The USA Property Market

    obama stimulus usa property market.

    Obama’s announcement this week of US$275 billion in funds to help mortgage holders has been widely proclaimed as a much-needed boost to the US housing market. The massive financial injection will be made up of US$50 billion from the US financial bailout, US$25 billion from the federal mortgage compa
    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 06 Jan 2009

    A Flood of Insurance Claims Outstanding From Hurricane Ike

    As if Hurricane Ike wasn’t enough to contend with, now the residents of the state of Texas are starting another battle – trying to get insurance claims fulfilled and to get the Federal Hazard Mitigation Grant to buy their flood prone homes…

    Hundreds of beach houses in Galveston, Texas were destroyed
    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 27 Nov 2008

    Win A Property... Or Not

    win a property or not

    Not another one, I hear you cry. Yes, the property competition phenomenon is still raging on, fuelled by sellers eager to escape the economic downturn. But now these jackpot vendors are being warned by the Law Society to tread carefully or risk breaking the law…

    Ok, Ok, this will be the last ‘win a p

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 05 Nov 2008

    Can President Barack Obama Reverse The Fortunes of USA Property?

    president barack obama usa property

    Unless you've been hiding under rock you will know by now that Barack Obama has been voted President of the USA. His presidential win signals a new dawn in American political history and comes at a time of immense economic pressure and global challenge. The question one everyone's lips is what can P
    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 29 Oct 2008

    New Las Vegas Property Investment Opportunities

    evolution lofts las vegas, the leading international property portal, announces new developments launched in Las Vegas:

    - 1 bed apartment (£362,757, mortgage paid for 30 months, 20ft ceiling and private terraces)
    - Evolution Lofts (£221,220, preconstruction pricing, only 5% required at contract)

    Fremont Stree

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 22 Sep 2008

    USA Ryder Cup Rental Returns

    ryder cup usa rental returns

    On the final 3rd day of the 37th Ryder Cup hosted in the USA at Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky, the Ryder Cup victory returns to Team USA for the first time after nearly 10 years. The celebrated golf tournament got off to a stormy start with the famous golf course catching the force of a watered dow
    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 10 Jun 2008

    US Home Prices Roller Coaster Ride

    If you want to get a real feel for what is happening with US home prices, this video is probably one of the best pictorial representations of the current state of the US property market!

    US Home prices adjusted for inflation plotted as a roller coaster

    This graphical representation shows the history o

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 28 May 2008

    Pick Up An Orlando Property Investment on The Foreclosure Homes Bus Tour

    The global credit crunch is no secret and America's housing crisis is common knowledge but if you are looking to profit from the property downturn and buy an real investment property, a new foreclosure-home tour bus in Orlando might be just the ticket.

    The foreclosure-tour bus is a sign of the times

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 22 Apr 2008

    Solar America Cities

    solar america citiesIt seems that solar power is finally registered on the US property radar, with the announcement of a further 12 new “solar cities” to bring the total of official Solar America Cities located throughout the USA up to 25.

    While the total figure is largely irrelevant in the overall picture of the US, it... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 31 Mar 2008

    US Property Podcast With Best Selling Real Estate Author Robert Shemin

    Overseas Property PodcastThe latest podcast in the Nubricks Property Podcast series tackles the US property market and the property investment hotspots that many real estate investors may have overlooked. In edition 29, Adam Samuel is joined by Robert Shemin, a real estate investor and best selling Business Book author of "... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 10 Jan 2008

    Bag Yourself A Florida Property For Next To Nothing

    florida property auction

    Property auctions have been around for sometime. Just a quick visit to web’s best known auctioneer Ebay, lists a myriad of real estate available to buy through auction online. It is often perceived as a marketing gimmick used by desperate sellers hoping that by auctioning rather than selling, it mig... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 15 Oct 2007

    Green Homes In The US Profitable Despite Downturn

    green homes US

    It may be all doom and gloom in the American housing market right now, but environmentally friendly property buyers are laughing all the way to the bank, especially if they live in California.

    As prices slump and foreclosures become commonplace, solar powered houses and businesses in California and N

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 16 Aug 2007

    A Guide to Property Investment in USA

    Grand Canyon View
    Photo courtesy of David Swales 

    The news relating to the property market in America is bleak at the moment as foreclosures rise, prices drop and building slows, but the reality is that all these factors add up to good news for foreign buyers – particularly investors buying in a currency other than th
    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 03 Jul 2007

    The two-dollar pound is here reaching a 26-year high to $2.0136

    two dollar pound pound two dollars$2.0136 to the pound, the two-dollar, this high was last reached 26 years ago in 1981 when my now not so little sister made her way into the world and Princes Charles and Lady Diana tied the knot. The strength of the pound and also the euro against the US dollar is widely attributed to its weakenin... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 12 Jun 2007

    Not IF but WHERE You Should Buy Property in Florida

    This post was submitted by Shaun McLane from Florida based

    buy property in floridaWhat have you heard about investing in Florida lately?

    If you get your information from the media, chances are you've heard mostly doom and gloom about our cold. Or maybe you heard that the bubble has popped, and investment property

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 16 Jun 2006

    Hawaii offers beachfront luxury new homes on Oahu Ko Olina Resort

    Hawaii showcases some of the most prestigious real estate in the world and being a group of islands, development land is in short supply, pushing the average price of property up to $668,300 in May 2006 on the Island of Oahu.

    Centex Destination Properties is the second home/resort division of Centex ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 12 Jun 2006

    OC New Developments in Irvine City take shape

    Made famous by its coastal counterpart Newport Beach from The OC, Irvine is riding high as an Orange County city in the midst of residential property development offering new home buyers the very best that OC living has to offer. Avenue One is Irvine’s answer to exceptional urban living, a brand new... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 07 Jun 2006

    San Diego gets Hard Rock condo hotel development

    Gaslamp DistrictWhilst walking around the up and coming Gaslamp district of San Diego, it is plain to see that the local area is booming with new restaurants/bars and residential new homes. This Quarter is close to the large waterfront convention centre and the home of the San Diego Padres, Petco Baseball Park. It ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 04 Jun 2006

    Madison 901 from Terrapin Properties hots up Chicago West Loop

    Madison 901Madison 901 now over 55% sold, the 147 residences at 901 W. Madison are set to be among the most beautifully finished condominium lofts the West Loop has seen to date. A prime location, Madison 901 is just west of the Loop, two blocks to Halsted and Greektown, Randolph and Gallery Row; a few more to... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 04 Jun 2006

    Chicago Real Estate Condo Development Booms

    Chicago Skyline
    Following a recent trip to the happening city of Chicago, I managed to take some time out to check out some of the city's new developments to hit the property market. Chicago seems to be in the midst of a real estate project boom with pre-construction condo developments being marketed in locations a
    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 24 May 2006

    iNest saves buyers money on new homes in the USA

    An Introduction:

    iNest (iNest) started life in 1997 and has helped buyers and developers communicate ever since. joins a group of real estate sites, which have been acquired by LendingTree, LLC over the past few years.

    iNest has developed many strong relationships with US house b

    ... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 11 May 2006

    Florida Property Developments stay strong

    Cane Island ResortAs vacation home prices in Central Florida refuse to drop, buyers are on their way back, undeterred by ‘Housing Bubble’ burst fanatics. A return to normal from the noted absence of buyers and overpriced real estate is a sign of market optimism demonstrated by a May 2006 Market Report from High Tower... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property
  • 14 Jan 2006

    New Properties in Las Vegas

    Back in November 2005 I visited Vegas for the first time on a trip to the PubCon webmaster conference. Its quite a place and seems to be in a period of rapid expansion. There where building sites everywhere, even on the strip itself.

    Whilst I was there I stumbled across a real estate show that was ta... [Read more]
    Category: USA Property

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