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  • 09 Feb 2009

    Tunisian Property Market Offers Real Incentives To Buy

    dunes resort tunisia port el kantaoui

    How many nations would like to swap shoes with Tunisia right now? Economies across the globe are falling sick from toxic debt but Tunisia has its coated in Teflon. With a ‘closed currency’, that is to say one unable to be traded freely on the open market, it has remained immune from economic turmo
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    Category: Tunisia Property
  • 16 Dec 2008

    How to Retire Early - PE Teacher Gives Shrewd Property Investment Lesson

    mark holness property investor

    Mark Holness, a PE Teacher originally from Ramsgate in Kent, is a man with a mission - to retire age 45. Currently into his 36th year, giving him just nine years to amass a little nest-egg and create a tidy income stream, Mark is pinning his hopes onto the property market. Like any shrewd investor
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    Category: Tunisia Property
  • 01 Dec 2008

    The Dunes Golf and Spa Resort, Sousse, Tunisia : Show Flat Open

    The Dunes Golf and Spa Resort itself comprises of studios, one, two and three bed apartments in a low rise setting in a prime residential area close to all facilities including a 36-hole golf course, exclusive marina and many fantastic restaurants, offering all types of cuisine.

    The Dunes Golf &
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    Category: Tunisia Property
  • 21 Oct 2008

    Holidays To Tunisia Driving Property Boom

    holidays tunisia property boom

    Year round golf, boutique hotels, 1,100 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline with pristine beaches are just some of the factors behind Tunisia’s increase in tourism revenue of 11% so far this year. Millions of holiday makers holidayed there, mainly from the euro zone seeking a bargain getaway this
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Tunisia Property
  • 08 Sep 2008

    Tunisia – Self-Styled Dubai of the Mediterranean

    dunes golf spa resort tunisa port el kantaoui

    North Africa’s smallest nation, Tunisia, may be mightily overshadowed by near neighbours Morocco and Egypt in the current property press; however the country is set to make a big impact. Property prices are low, even as low as Morocco was five years ago, and the bonus is that unlike some far-flung
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Tunisia Property

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