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  • 25 Apr 2008

    Botswana Property Podcast

    Overseas Property PodcastThe latest podcast in the Nubricks Property Podcast series takes us to the southern African country of Botswana. In edition 30, Adam Samuel is joined by Alan Marneweck, Director & Shareholder of Limpopo-Lipadi Game & Wilderness Reserve in Botswana.

    Alan MarneweckWe have covered many of the traditional over... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 31 Mar 2008

    US Property Podcast With Best Selling Real Estate Author Robert Shemin

    Overseas Property PodcastThe latest podcast in the Nubricks Property Podcast series tackles the US property market and the property investment hotspots that many real estate investors may have overlooked. In edition 29, Adam Samuel is joined by Robert Shemin, a real estate investor and best selling Business Book author of "... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 03 Mar 2008

    Bulgaria Property Podcast 2008

    Overseas Property PodcastThe latest podcast in the series revisits the popular destination of Bulgaria and more specifically Sofia, its capital city. In edition 28, Adam Samuel is joined by Libby Gomersall, property editor of the Quest Bulgaria Magazine and James Gonzalez, market analyst for overseas property agents Obelisk... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 10 Dec 2007

    Brazil Property Podcast

    Overseas Property PodcastFelipe Cavalcante (ADIT)The latest podcast in the series is focused on the new emerging market of Brazil and what it has to offer over its international competitors. In edition 27 Adam Samuel is joined by Felipe Cavalcante, president of the ADIT (The Association for the Real Estate and Tourism Development in North East Bra... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 05 Sep 2007

    Property Search Podcast with Ed Freyfogle of Nestoria

    Overseas Property PodcastEd Freyfogle of majority of us who have been looking to buy a property in the last few years will at some point, have conducted our property search on the web. Online property search has advanced immensely since 2000, largely attributed to surging internet adoption rates and the pace of internet technologies su... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 30 May 2007

    The Great Spanish Property Podcast Debate

    Overseas Property PodcastMark Stucklin of the Sunday TimesThe Great Spanish Property Debate, we feel is our most informative overseas property podcast to date. Bringing together the collective knowledge and experience of three top Spanish property experts, this online debate puts the record straight on what the future holds for buyers of property in Spain.... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 28 Mar 2007

    Retirement Property Overseas Podcast with Dominic Whiting and Chris Simmons

    MicrophoneDominic Whiting from Retirement PropertyThis week's Overseas Property podcast takes a look buying a retirement property overseas. The decision to retire overseas is a growing trend and with a nation of baby boomers coming up to retirement, the number of individuals and couple's retiring abroad is on the increase, creating a whole new over... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 23 Mar 2007

    Bulgaria podcast highlights summer in the mountains

    bulgaria podcast
    Highlighted in the penultimate edition of the Bulgarian Dreams podcast series, is the often overlooked summer activity potential of Bulgaria’s mountain ski resorts which offer much more than just world class skiing!

    When thinking about holidays in Bulgaria, many people’s travel associations’ fall int
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 12 Mar 2007

    Fly to Let Guide Overseas Property Podcast with Peter Conradi and Matt Havercroft

    MicrophonePeter Conradi After a short break, the Nubricks Overseas Property Podcast series is back. We began Series One, talking to a whole host of overseas property professionals and industry insiders with the aim of recording their take on the prospects and trends affecting a variety of international property markets.

    In... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 16 Jan 2007

    Bulgarian Dreams continue their podcast tour of Bulgaria

    Following on from the Welcome to Bulgaria podcast recorded by Bulgarian Dreams last summer, this in depth tour of Bulgaria’s principal cities and resorts continues with a focus on Bulgaria’s Northern Black sea coast with its craggy cliffs and wild beaches which remains largely unexplored.

    This, the s... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 11 Jan 2007

    Morocco Property Podcast with Paul Staines

    MicrophonePaul Staines Saffron VillasIn Nubricks Overseas Property Podcast 22, the first podcast for 2007, Adam Samuel is joined by Paul Staines, the Director of Saffron Villas, the Morrocan Property specialist. Paul reveals his own Moroccan investments and gives his tips on which projects to watch for in 2007.

    Paul explains that in 200... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 22 Dec 2006

    Zillow Podcast with Nubricks

    MicrophoneZillow.comIn Nubricks Overseas Property Podcast 21, our final podcast for 2006, Adam Samuel is joined in cyberspace by Amy Bohutinsky, the Director of Communications for, a real estate website which is empowering US home buyers and sellers and is transforming the real estate business as we know it.... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 21 Nov 2006

    Irish Property Buyers Podcast with Guy King

    MicrophoneGuy King House Hunters in the SunIn Nubricks Overseas Property Podcast 20, Adam Samuel is joined in cyberspace by Guy King, editor of RTÉ House Hunters in the Sun Magazine, Ireland's leading international property publication. With Guy, we talk Irish property investment both home and abroad first touching on his decision to buy a 2... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 17 Nov 2006

    Bulgarian Dreams podcast joins the property podcasting circuit

    A new podcast series on Bulgarian property has recently been launched to help Bulgarian property buyers learn more about what this secret gem of the Balkans has to offer. Managing Director of Bulgarian Dreams, Robert Jenkin and Katie Whitaker, an award-winning education journalist at the BBC spent a... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 09 Nov 2006

    The Apprentice Season 3 Podcast with Kendra Todd

    MicrophoneKendra ToddWe upped the stakes this week and bagged ourselves an exclusive celebrity interview for this latest instalment (Podcast #19) of the Nubricks Property Podcast series, Adam Samuel talks to none other than US Realtor, Entrepreneur and Winner of The Apprentice USA, Kendra Todd. Kendra explains how she g... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 27 Oct 2006

    Nubricks podcasts feature in the Guardian Newspaper

    GuardianWell news of our property podcasting series has now reached the eyes and ears of the mainstream. This morning we featured in an article entitled 'More than just idle talk' by Guy Clapperton who looks into the rise of podcasting as a business communications tool.

    Take a look a some excerpts from the a... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 26 Oct 2006

    Property Investor Tips Podcast with Ajay Ahuja

    MicrophoneAjay AhujaIn Podcast 18 we find out how Ajay Ahuja turned £500 into a £10 million property portfolio in 7 years. Ajay explains the route he took to suceed in property and that buy to let is still a route to make substantial returns if you know what to look for and where to look.

    Ajay runs a website [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 19 Oct 2006

    Phuket Thailand Property Podcast with Andrew Howard

    MicrophoneAndrew HowardWe are now 17 podcasts into the Nubricks Property Podcast series. This show focuses on Phuket and this week's guest is Andrew Howard, who puts his money where his mouth is and has invested in two properties on the Island of Phuket in Thailand, as well as owning a number of properties back in the UK.... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 17 Oct 2006

    Overseas Property Investment Podcast with David Cox

    MicrophoneDavid CoxWe have hit our 16th podcast in the Nubricks Property Podcast series. This show is for those of you who enjoy crunching the numbers and this week's guest is David Cox, who admits that his property investing misfortunes inspired him to create his own real estate company which gets to the financial he... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 09 Oct 2006

    Property Investment Podcast with Chris Howard

    MicrophoneChris HowardMy, how time flies and we are on to our 15th podcast in the Nubricks Property Podcast series. This show is real cracker and this week's guest Chris Howard reveals an alternative approach to property investment with the potential to earn £2.75 million from an inital investment of £1k over 30 years, c... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 05 Oct 2006

    Emerging Property Markets Podcast with Jeremy Casey

    MicrophoneJeremy CaseyThis is the 14th edition of the Nubricks Property Podcast series. This week, we get insider knowledge on some of the emerging markets including Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovakia and Estonia from Jeremy Casey, Managing Director of The Right Move Abroad. In Podcast 14, Jeremy discusses why the great... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 29 Sep 2006

    Romania Property Podcast with Tahir Ali

    MicrophoneTahir AliWe now have reached lucky number 13 in the Nubricks Property Podcast series. This week we get the low-down on the emerging market of Romania from Tahir Ali, Managing Director of Romania Revealed. In Podcast 13, Tahir discusses the range of new property opportunities available in this up and coming p... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 21 Sep 2006

    Overseas Property Hotspots Podcast with Matt Havercroft

    MicrophoneMatt HavercroftIn the 12th edition of the Nubricks Property Podcast series, we hear the views of Matt Havercroft, Editor of A Place in the Sun Magazine. In Podcast 12, Matt talks about the many popular property markets and explains where the A Place in the Sun brand fits into the market. He explains that after gre... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 15 Sep 2006

    Turkey and North Cyprus Property Podcast with Emily Aklan

    Aklan International on the MicEmily Aklan from Aklan InternationalWe have passed a podcasting milestone and this week Nubricks is on to it's 11th edition of the Nubricks Property Podcast series. We hear the views of Emily Aklan, Managing Director of Aklan International, overseas property specialists, who cover 8 emerging property markets. In Podcast 11, Emily talk... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 12 Sep 2006

    Bulgarian Property Podcast with Lance Nelson

    Property PodcastLance Nelson Jet2LetIn this 10th Edition of the Nubricks Property Podcast series, we hear the views of joint Managing Director of Jet2let Property on the Bulgarian property market. He talks about Bulgarian Property and explains why Bulgarian real estate is still a good bet for a medium to long term property investment.... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 08 Sep 2006

    Spanish Property Podcast with Martin Dell

    Property PodcastMartin DellIn this 9th Edition of the Nubricks Property Podcast series, Adam chats to the man behind the highly successful Martin Dell, Managing Director of Kyero talks about the Spanish Property market and how he has used the website as a basis for property related statistics to give an informative... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 06 Sep 2006

    Overseas Property Regulation Podcast with Paul Owen

    Property PodcastPaul Owen AIPPIn this 8th Edition of the Nubricks Property Podcast series, Paul Owen, the Chief Executive of the Association of International Property Professionals, chats with Adam about this new kitemark established to regulate companies within the overseas property industry.

    Paul explains the AIPP's charter and... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 04 Sep 2006

    Eastern European Podcast with Peter Conradi

    The podcast has been removed as it is now out of date.MicrophonePeter ConradiIn this the seventh overseas property podcast, Peter Conradi the Property Editor of the Sunday Times talks about the places he has invested in, which include Slovakia and Croatia and what they have to offer.

    Peter discusses his Fly to Let Guide an... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 03 Sep 2006

    Montenegro Property Podcast with Caroline Hollingworth

    MicrophoneCaroline HollingworthIn this the sixth overseas property podcast, Caroline Hollingworth Managing Director of Hollingworth and Taylor talks about the country of Montenegro, its natural beauty, reasons to invest and general advice for buying property abroad.

    Caroline talks about taxes, the market at present and hotspots in... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 02 Sep 2006

    Eco Property Podcast with James Kellow

    MicrophoneJames KellowIn this the fifth overseas property podcast, James Kellow the Managing Director of (ALE) talks about relocation and an increasing trend of people looking to start a new life abroad, including setting up a business. James offers information on Belize and an eco project that h... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 31 Aug 2006

    Overseas Property Podcast Reminder

    Just a quick reminder to everyone following our overseas property podcast series, tomorrow we focus on the Eastern European property marketplace and in particular the Montenegro real estate market.

    If you have any questions about buying a property in Montenegro please email them here... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 25 Aug 2006

    Foreign Currency Exchange Podcast with Mark O Sullivan

    MicrophoneMark O SullivanIn this, the fourth overseas property podcast, Mark O’Sullivan Head of Trading for Currencies Direct talks about the impact of currency exchange when buying off plan property abroad. Mark offers advice on market rates, buying foreign currency for the future, currency trends and tips on what to think... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 23 Aug 2006

    International Property Law Podcast with Stefano Lucatello

    MicrophoneStefano LucatelloIn this the third overseas property podcast, Stefano Lucatello Senior Partner for the International Property Law Centre talks about the legal aspects of buying off plan property abroad. Stefano offers his legal advice on late completion, buying through a company, Italian investment, emerging market ... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 16 Aug 2006

    French and Overseas Property Podcast with Paul Collins from Newskys

    MicrophoneIn this week’s overseas property podcast, Paul Collins online editor for Newskys shares his in-depth knowledge of buying property abroad and offers listeners his advice on his ‘place in the sun’ favourite, the French property market. Along with new trends happening in the overseas industry, Paul als... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 12 Aug 2006

    Nubricks first property podcast goes live

    MicrophoneA couple of weeks ago we posted about adding audio content to the Nubricks blog so today, we proudly announce the launch of the first Property Podcast.

    Our first podcast is an introduction to podcasting and what Nubricks plans to podcast about over the coming months. If you would to list... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts
  • 31 Jul 2006

    Property Podcasting on Nubricks

    What is podcasting?

    MicrophoneThink of a podcast as a radio show. Each show consists of a series of individual episodes that you can listen to how you want — on your PC, using your MP3 player, via RSS or with just a web browser.  It is a new phenomenon (summer 2004) that has followed on from Blogging, its word... [Read more]
    Category: Podcasts

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