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  • 23 Sep 2008

    Hidden Property Hotspots: Isla de Margarita, 40% cheaper than other Caribbean Islands

    isla margarita hidden property hotspot

    Isla de Margarita is a paradise island in the sun. With breathtaking beaches, increasing tourism and affordable apartments, this idyllic isle is fast becoming a desired destination for property aficionados. Currently Margarita is 40% cheaper than other Caribbean islands.

    Where is it?

    Isla Margarita (M

    ... [Read more]
  • 09 Jul 2008

    Isla Margarita, Venezuela - Investor-Friendly Overseas Investment

     carcola beach spa resort

    As the air seeps out of many global property markets investors face the ever-toughening challenge of seeking out a safe yet lucrative investment opportunity. GEM Estates first highlighted the Venezuelan island of Isla Margarita as a one-to-watch back in December 2006, attracted by its undeveloped n
    ... [Read more]
  • 22 May 2008

    Caracola Beach and Spa Resort, Isla Margarita : Launch

    Caracola Beach and Spa Resort Margarita

    The Caracola Beach & Spa Resort - Porlamar, comprises of apartments & duplexes spread over 15 floors, overlooking the stunning Caracola Beach, on the eastern fringes of the island’s main town, Porlamar. With four different floor layouts to choose from, populated across three blocks, the apar... [Read more]
  • 21 May 2008

    Investors Set Sights on Margarita Island

    Isla Margarita property

    With property prices 50% cheaper than other Caribbean Islands and Brazil overseas property investors are setting their sights on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

    Christopher Columbus discovered Margarita Island in 1498, the largest island of the Nueva Esparta state in Venezuela, which also comprises the

    ... [Read more]
  • 01 Mar 2007

    Viento y Agua property development on Margarita Island

    isla margarita property
    Known as the ‘pearl of the Caribbean’, being the world's principal source of natural pearls, few people seem to have heard of Margarita Island, and it is more likely the drinkable Tequila version comes to mind rather than a Caribbean island. Discovered along with a slightly larger land mass the USA
    ... [Read more]

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