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  • 12 Jun 2009

    Buy 45k Land Plots In The Dominican Republic

    swaying palms dominican republic resort

    Land offers the safe familiarity of an old friend in times of economic downturn. It’s a tangible asset and one which can never be taken away. As supply diminishes and demand does the opposite, land values almost always rise and at a much faster pace than property. So why not opt for a headache-fr
    ... [Read more]
  • 30 May 2008

    Immediate Long-Term Rental Income in the Dominican Republic

    golf1 bavaro playa domincan republic

    As part of GEM Estates’ timely shift towards dollar markets, the Dominican Republic has emerged as a serious contender for overseas property investors. The Caribbean is getting more affordable for Brits as the dollar sustains its downward adjustment against the pound and whilst some islands have a
    ... [Read more]
  • 23 Oct 2007

    Two Rivers Beach Resort Dominican Republic

    two rivers beach resort puerto plata

    What does the Caribbean mean to you? If you’re anything like me, the very word conjures up images of stunning powdery beaches, palm trees swaying in the balmy wind, a laid back lifestyle set to a swaying beat and, well, rich jetsetters living the high life in luxurious surroundings, unaffordable for... [Read more]
  • 21 Aug 2007

    A Guide to Property Investment Dominican Republic

     Dominican Republic View
    Courtesy of Brooklynboy1968

    The Caribbean region with its legendary turquoise waters has long called to holidaymakers and investors who want a different pace of life.  The tropical paradise found in the Dominican Republic is one Caribbean destination that is presently capturing the hearts and minds
    ... [Read more]
  • 02 Aug 2006

    IMOINVEST launch Dominican Republic property investment Las Olas Condo Hotel

    Las Olas Development
    Caribbean real estate has been at the heart of a jet-set lifestyle with a property in paradise THE must-have accessory for the rich and famous. However, as we mentioned just last week, off-plan real estate investment is taking off in ways never experienced before on the tropical island of the Domini
    ... [Read more]

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