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  • 14 Dec 2012

    Three investment properties in one

    Letting a property is a great way for holiday home owners to earn some income during the vacant months. But what if you want to live there all year round? That's not a problem for Denis Dragovic, whose home divides in two so he can rent it out but still stay put.

    "The home earns a decent income," he ... [Read more]
    Category: Croatia
  • 04 Feb 2009

    Croatian Property Law Changes

    croatian property law changes

    Traditionally, international investors have not been permitted to buy property in Croatia, but, from next month, all that will change and foreigners will be able to buy homes on the same terms as local Croatians – something which should provide a huge boost to the property sector…

    Croatia has been a

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Croatia Property
  • 08 Dec 2008

    Croatian Property Market Open February 2009

    croatia property market 2009

    Croatia has become the latest country to open up its property market to foreign buyers. From February 2009, they will be able to purchase property on the same terms as local Croats, although forests and agricultural land are excluded from the agreement. Previously, it has been difficult for foreigne
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Croatia Property
  • 19 May 2008

    Balkan Property Follows Baltic Property

    balkans property follows baltic property

    For many years Balkan property was not even on the radar of international investors, but it seems that prosperity is growing in the Balkans with news that Montenegro, Croatia and Albania are all showing signs of growth even in these troubled times and we believe here at Nubricks that property for sa
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Croatia Property
  • 08 Apr 2008

    Croatian Holiday Homes Threat To Hotels

    croatian holiday homes

    A recent report on the Croatian tourist market by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics has highlighted a useful trend which could well spread to other tourist markets around the world, the switch from hotel accommodation to private accommodation.

    Last year Croatia registered a 4% increase in the number

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Croatia Property
  • 26 Aug 2007

    A Guide to Property Investment Croatia

    Croatia View 

    The virtually untouched beauty of Croatia is becoming a favourite for holidaymakers, expatriates and investors alike.  With its picturesque villages dotting the Adriatic coastline and pristine forests and mountains within its interior, Croatia offers something few destinations can boast – truly uns... [Read more]
    Category: Croatia Property
  • 19 Mar 2007

    Nautica apartments in Novigrad, 5 star marina property in Istria

    Novigrad Marina
    Croatia is one of the best tourism and property locations on offer, dubbed, the ‘New Italy’ it is no surprise that January’s issue of leading American tourism magazine Travel and Leisure recommended Istria amongst its must-see destinations in Croatia and the setting for the Nautica apartments in Nov
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Croatia Property
  • 18 Oct 2006

    Croatian Sun markets Zagreb City living in Santa Domenica Complex

    Croatia PropertyCroatia has slipped of the overseas property radar of late due to the rise of other Eastern Europe nations jostling to steal the real estate media limelight. A surge in low cost travel to these nations and the expanding menu of ‘city-break’ destinations on offer has meant Croatia has become one migh... [Read more]
    Category: Croatia Property

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