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  • 09 Mar 2009

    The Hills are Alive – with Austrian Property Investment

    investment in austrian property

    Landlocked Austria rarely features on a property investor’s portfolio even though the country is Europe’s second most popular destination for skiing. One of the reasons for Austria’s low profile for property investment are the restrictions it places on the ownership of holiday homes, which in some r
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Austria Property
  • 31 Oct 2008

    7 Quantum Of Solace Locations To Die For

    quantum of solace property locations

    You don’t need to be a Bond fan to appreciate some of the highlights of the latest Bond blockbuster, Quantum of Solace which hits the movie theatres today! Forget the action scenes and think spectacular backdrops, Bond movies are renowned for being an international odyssey of the worlds sexiest glob
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Austria Property
  • 19 Jun 2008

    AirAsia X New Perth Route Good For Western Australia

    As any property investor knows, you can have the most beautiful property in the world, in the cheapest place in the land but if nobody can reach you there is unlikely to be a liquid property market. Transportation links have never been more vital to the property market and more areas around the worl... [Read more]
    Category: Austria Property
  • 29 Aug 2007

    A Guide to Investment Property in Austria

    Austria View
    Photo courtesy of Evenstar9

    As the birthplace of the likes of Strauss, Mozart and Schubert, Austria has long appealed to holidaymakers, culture seekers, expats and investors.  This country of beautiful alpine landscapes and picturesque cities is now capturing much attention with foreign property inve
    ... [Read more]
    Category: Austria Property
  • 16 Jul 2007

    Straight Through Salzburg

    property in austria

    After probably the best nights sleep I've had in a while, we awake to the fir-tree lined hills, mountains of Salzburg zipping by and Austria yet again, unusually bestows us with temperatures of 38º.

    Solar powered chocolate box cottages nestle in the lush valleys, all we need is the mandatory yodellin

    ... [Read more]
    Category: Austria Property

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