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07 Feb 2019

Why interest in heat pump systems is warming up

According to these HVAC engineers, based in Chicago and New York, heat pumps are an energy efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioning units. Because of this, most new constructions are choosing to install them instead of the more traditional options, and older buildings are also choosing to have their systems updated to the newer heat pump systems. Below are the four main benefits of a heat pump system.

1. They Offer Both Heating and Cooling

Despite their name, heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling a space. Because of this, they’re especially useful in temperate climates that experience warm, but not hot, summers and mild winters. Because they can both heat and cool a room, they offer space advantages, and are cheaper to buy as well; you only need to purchase and place one unit, instead of two. The same goes for maintenance, making them cheaper in this aspect as well. They only need to be checked once a year to ensure they are in good working condition.

2. Consistent Comfort Levels

If you’ve ever used a traditional HVAC unit before, you likely know how hard it can be to achieve a consistent and even level of comfort. What seems nice one minute, is too warm or too cold an hour later. Plus, since air conditioning and furnace units are often made by different manufacturers, it’s hard to predict how they will perform compared to each other. Heat pumps all use similar mechanisms to heat or cool a space no matter which model you buy. This doesn’t just mean that you know what you’ll be getting, no matter which manufacturer you buy from, but it means you’ll have consistent energy bills too.

3. They Are Energy Efficient

We just mentioned that you can expect consistent energy bills when you choose to install a heat pump system over the more traditional options, but did you know that heat pumps are more energy efficient too? The reasons for this, is that instead of burning energy to cool or warm it, they simply move air from one place to another. Over the course of a year, those energy savings can really add up, not only helping the environment, but helping your wallet as well. Surely that’s something that everyone wants, especially with the increasing cost of energy bills?

4. They Are Safer

Because of the way they work, heat pumps are safer than combustible heating systems. They don’t have to burn energy in order to work, and so pose a smaller fire risk to occupants. This is especially ideal for apartment buildings where a fire in one apartment can quickly spread causing damage throughout the building.

Although installing a heat pump does require a large initial investment, over time they are sure to save you money. That, and the fact they are more environmentally friendly, is why they are becoming the number one choice among homeowners and building managers in the United States.
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