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15 Dec 2017

The 4 best counties to buy a house in New York state

The state of New York is a great place in which to live. The state has a thriving economy, great employment opportunities, high salaries, and an affordable cost of living. It also has high-quality schools - good news for families with children. Finally, New York has many social amenities, such as green parks, quality restaurants, and an efficient public transportation system. These factors make the whole state an attractive destination for homeowners. But these four counties below offer more attractions than others. Let’s look at some of the most attractive counties in New York state for homeowners.

Ulster County

Located only 90 miles from Manhattan, Ulster is the county of choice for anyone who wishes to work in New York City. The short distance guarantees a 90-minute commute by car or by bus. Just as attractive as the short commute is the county’s culinary heritage. Because the world-famous Culinary Institute of America is just 15 minutes from Ulster, the county has many famous eateries and chefs.

Ulster’s greatest attraction, however, is its outdoors. It borders the Hudson River, the Minnewaska and Mohonk nature preserves, and the Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains. Because of all these factors, a look at the Ulster County Real Estate Listings reveals that property values and property appreciation rates here are also among the highest in the state.

Nassau County

Like Ulster, Nassau County in Western Long Island is situated close to New York City. Because of this proximity to the city, the majority of Nassau’s residents are well-paid professionals. As a result, the county has the highest average household income in New York State.

It also has the highest number of doctors per person in the state and is among the highest spenders on schools.

Suffolk County

Suffolk County in Long Island boasts of many wealthy communities. The first of these is the famous Hamptons, East Hampton and Southampton. The second is Montauk where the wealthy fly in to spend their summers. This prestigious county has the highest property appreciation rate in the state and, interestingly enough, the best air quality.

Not surprisingly, it also has among the highest median household incomes and per-capita incomes. This makes its unemployment rate one of the lowest in the state.

Westchester County

Almost as prestigious as Suffolk County, Westchester is home to affluent professionals. The county is strategically located for two things: commuting and leisure. Its location just north of New York City makes commuting into Manhattan by the New York Metro train easy.

In the west of the county is the Hudson River where many wealthy beach houses are built - perfect for leisure. The ease of commuting and the many beach communities have pushed Westchester’s property appreciation rates through the roof.

Although New York State is a great place to buy a house, these four counties have the most to offer any home owner. Ulster and Nassau are outside the bustle of the city and are surrounded by nature. Suffolk and Westchester, on the other hand, boast of affluent counties and high property appreciation rates.
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