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09 Nov 2017

4 reasons why you should consider buying a luxury home

There was a time when the term “luxury home” meant sprawling mansions in the middle of high-end enclaves. But it has already changed to reflect today’s urban society. Being in the center of the city - with easy access to the best in business and entertainment - signifies the true luxuries that people desire.

The luxury homes for sale that you can find in modern cities offer a lot of advantages to prospective buyers that are hard to find elsewhere, including:

Central Location

Today, it is all about location. Finding a luxury home within the city’s central districts becomes the best option for the most discerning homebuyers. A central location means that you have direct access to the best restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. It also means that you can be easily served by almost every type of business you will personally require.

It can also reduce the travel time between your business and your new home to virtually nothing. With traffic and commute times on the rise, spending a significant amount of your day sitting in traffic means lost opportunities. Investing in a good address can help you eliminate all of these woes. With the right choice of location, a hundred problems are instantly solved for the luxury homeowner.

Luxurious Amenities

Getting world-class amenities integrated into your home is almost impossible due to the many challenges they pose. These include extensive planning, construction, staffing, and maintenance among many others. The best and most efficient solution to this is to purchase a home with all of these amenities already included on the onset.

Luxury residences can claim to be the best because their facilities are recognized not only by their clients but also by industry experts around the world. Five-star amenities like spas, gourmet restaurants, rooftop swimming pools, and concierges can only be found in the best residences in a city’s downtown area.

Worry-free Maintenance

Staffing and scheduling for maintenance have always been an extremely difficult part of luxury home ownership. But in the case of in-city luxury residences, the problem is solved by the existence of a maintenance and support system that is second to none. With most of these properties being run by white glove hotel operators, you don’t have to worry about all the other work involved in owning and running a home.

These residences’ public areas are always well maintained by excellent staff and the residents are attended to by affable people qualified to provide the best service possible. The maintenance procedures are also often considered best in class and are at par with the most stringent policies found in five-star hotels and facilities.

Unappalled Design

One of the most tedious aspects of creating your new home is the design process. But you can skip all of that with a luxury home.

The upscale residences in the market today match and incorporate the traditional designs of their neighborhoods with the contemporary feel of modern luxury. Exquisite details and magnificently intricate designs can often be seen on the newly developed properties. These features will be hard to miss, especially how neatly they integrate modern amenities for the most luxurious experience.

The conversion and restoration of original structures in the city’s downtown areas also offer the best options for buyers looking for a new home. These integrated structures combine classic detailing with the modern requirements of urban life. They also provide views that showcase the best of their city’s skyline while remaining discreet and sophisticated.

In cities like Montreal, luxury residential developments within the downtown area are significant parts of the local government’s overall development plan. This means that such areas will always remain the center, not only of commerce and business, but of culture, art, and entertainment as well. Owning a luxury residence is not only about owning a home, but also about becoming a part of a vibrant, evolving community as well.
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