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08 Nov 2017

5 reasons why Minneapolis is a great place to live

There are many things that make a place great. From the art and the sports to the education and the economy, these factors can vary. However, some cities seem to have it all, like the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With beautiful scenery and easy access to the great outdoors, a growing economy, and many wonderful hospitals and schools, here are five reasons that Minneapolis is a great place to live.

Higher Education

There are several schools in Minneapolis that are well-known through the United States as excellent schools. With technical schools, arts schools, four year universities, and two year community colleges, there are options for everyone who wants to further their education. Additionally, there are also seven hospitals in the city, two of which have been listed as some of the best in the country by a poll in U.S. News and World Report.

Beautiful Nature

Minnesota is a beautiful state, and Minneapolis does not disappoint. The nearby Chain of Lakes, seven lakes and Minnehaha Creek, are all tied together with paths for walking, running, and biking. The lakes also offer places for water sports and activities in the summer and ice skating in the winter. The scenery is beautiful, and there are Scenic Byways to allow drivers to fully appreciate that fact.

Thriving Downtown

Downtown Minneapolis is made of two neighborhoods, Downtown East and Downtown West. East is the home of the historic Mill District, and both commercial and residential buildings. Meanwhile, West has more art, theater, and wealthy companies in skyscrapers. These are two unique neighborhoods, showing that there is something for everyone in Minneapolis. Target Field and the Target Center are the homes of the city’s sports teams. A Minneapolis realtor can help you find the right place to live, since there are over 35,000 people living downtown as well in the many apartments, lofts, studios, and condos. In addition to the downtown, uptown Minneapolis has a variety of stores and artistic venues.


Minneapolis is home to four athletic teams. The Minnesota Twins, for baseball, the Minnesota Vikings, for football, and two basketball teams, the NBA’s Timberwolves and the WNBA’s Lynx. St. Paul, not too far away, also has a hockey team, the Wilds. There are professional sports for every fan to watch and enjoy. With games at Target Field and Target Center, they are right downtown, allowing for fairly easy access. Perhaps a season’s pass would be helpful?

The Arts

From plays, concerts, other performances, and art museums, these are things that can be very important to some people. Minneapolis, fortunately, has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the arts. With the Guthrie Theater, a three-stage facility that has won prestigious awards, and three other well-respected theaters, there are many chances to take in a performance. That is not all, however. The Cowles Center for Dance and Performing Arts, which has three buildings, is there as well, along with art museums and sculpture gardens.

With access to so much, from the sports and the arts to the downtown and the education, there is something for everyone in Minneapolis, making it a truly great place to live.
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