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03 Nov 2017

How to fix a leaky roof

Whether you find yourself suffering the inconvenience of a leaky roof or you’re just looking to shore up the existing arrangements, it is possible to carry out most maintenance and upgrade work on your own roof yourself. If you’ve never attempted at roofing work before it might seem like quite the hill to climb, however with a little perseverance and determination you should be able to save yourself quite a bit of money by carrying out the work on your own steam.

In this article we offer some key words of advice gleamed from both professional roofers and those with extensive experience in carrying out their own DIY roofing work.

Safety First

Regardless of the exact nature of the work that you are planning to carry out, your primary concern must always be safety. For many people working on their roof is routine, but this doesn’t mean that you should be complacent about the potential health hazards.

The most prominent risk when working on a roof is that of falling, you should avoid working in wet or icy conditions where the chances of clipping and injuring yourself are much greater. You should also make sure that the ladder you use to access the roof is sturdy and that you can plant it somewhere secure before climbing up it in order to avoid any slipping.

Spray the Roof

The quickest and easiest way to identify the location of a leak on your roof is to climb a ladder while equipped with a garden hose, by spraying different areas of the roof and observing what the water does you should be able to identify the leak relatively quickly and easily. Note that you should avoid doing this in very cold or freezing weather, under these conditions you could end up doing more damage to the structure.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

One of the leading causes of roof leaking is that gutters become clogged with leaves and other debris, thus preventing proper drainage. When gutters aren’t cleaned on a regular basis this causes a build up of rain and foliage. You should make sure to check your gutters as regularly as you can and be sure to clean them whenever you notice a build up of debris.

Avoid Dry Rot

Most people think that dry rot is the result of water damage, but it is actually more to do with a lack of ventilation. The best way of avoiding dry rot is to install a vent, usually the ventilation system consists of both a soffit vent and a ridge vent.

If dry rot on your roof has advanced and caused severe and noticeable structural damage, then you should approach a professional roofing company such as Elk River Roofing about having the affected area replaced entirely.

Prevent the Build-up of Ice

This is especially important in the winter time, not only can ice and snow cause frost damage when in contact with the roof, but also water can seep in to gaps and cracks. If it then freezes, it will expand and cause damage. Proper ventilation and heating is the best prevention to this issue.

A leaky roof can be a massive inconvenience, or it can spell the beginning of a more serious issue. If you notice any leaks in your roof then you should address them straight away, either have a look yourself or hire a professional to assess and advise.
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