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08 Jun 2017

The best places in the US to buy a new condo

When you become the owner of a condominium, you get to relax in peace on the inside of your home with no major maintenance responsibilities falling into your lap. So, for instance, if you were to have an issue with your heating and cooling system, repairs would be made simply by getting in contact with on site maintenance. Living in a condo also means no more snow shoveling, so you can count on coming home from work and finding your assigned parking spot cleared for you. If you are open to the best places in the country and buying a new luxury condo, here are some great suggestions.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is a location where homebuyers are flocking to find their very own condos, but it is for more than one reason. The job market is strong and there are always events taking place around the clock. The Minneapolis realty market is a stellar place to go on the hunt for a new condo as prices are affordable. You can purchase a condo here for a lot cheaper than you will find them in other major cities, and your investment will be set to grow over the next five years. Condo owners in Minneapolis tend to be working professionals just as often as they are parents of school aged children.

Atlanta Georgia

One of the great aspects of Atlanta, Georgia condos is that they are considered prime real estate. If you purchase a condo in this city you might end up rubbing elbows with a local celebrity or well known athlete. Condos in the city of Atlanta also tend to be situated close to the best restaurants and nightclubs, so you can go for a night out and retire home without needing to do much walking. The real estate in Atlanta can be a little pricey, but its resale value is also very impressive. So, if you do intend on buying a condominium in Atlanta, save plenty of money for your down payment and make sure that your credit history is spotless.

The Greater New York City Area

If you can manage to afford a condo in Manhattan, Brooklyn or even Harlem you are probably soon to be a millionaire if you aren’t already one. Housing prices in the New York City area are nothing short of ridiculous, but the condos there are also quite luxurious. Expect to have a concierge service complete with a doorman in your New York City condo. The inside of your home will be peaceful and secluded as the walls are sure to be built to be nearly completely soundproof.

Condos are well suited for people who like to travel often and know that their homes are still being looked after. You can paint the interior and even upgrade the bathrooms as long as you get approval from the board. Most enjoyable of all, you will always have plenty of neighbors that you can socialize with, visit and spend time with just by going down the hall. 

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