Nubricks Blog - New Real Estate Listings in Montreal: The Best Neighborhoods for Singles

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11 Apr 2017

New Real Estate Listings in Montreal: The Best Neighborhoods for Singles

Many families relocate to Montreal. But what many don’t know is that it’s also a great place for singles. If you’re single and you’re looking at new real estate listings in Montreal, you may want to focus your search on the following neighborhoods:

  1. Le Village. Canada is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, and the same holds true for Montreal. But Le Village is something else. It’s the gay “capital” of Montreal, and everywhere you’ll see festive rainbow flags and niche clothing stores. There are lots of clubs in the area, and it’s near the downtown area.

It’s not just for gay men and women, though, since many young people come here not only for the vibrant atmosphere but also for the low rent. It’s a great place for young adults looking for an affordable yet lively neighborhood.

  1. McGill Ghetto. The “ghetto” in the name is not really accurate because the residents in the area are mainly students from the nearby McGill University. The typical age here is about 20 to 25, so young adults are everywhere. There are lots of student bars, and the neighborhood is situated between downtown and the popular Le Plateau Mont-Royal area. The homes are very affordable, but if you’re a student you can just rent a bedroom among the many single family homes here.

  2. Plateau Mont-Royal. Right next to the McGill Ghetto, it’s a place for young professionals as well as young families. Lots of people live here, and the population density ensures that there’s plenty of socialization going on. Plenty of tourists drop by, and residents of other neighborhoods in Montreal often drop by to enjoy the energy and the local festivals.

It’s quite a lively neighborhood and it’s a creative place full of clubs, restaurants, and parks. The architecture is classic and there are vibrant colors everywhere. Both French and English speakers feel at home here, and so do many young singles. While some places are admittedly expensive, there are also affordable options for younger professionals.

  1. Griffintown. Just about every list of new fabulous Montreal neighborhoods tend to include Griffintown. The area used to be full of vacant neighborhood buildings, until developers realized how its location offers a potentially terrific place to live. Nowadays, this neighborhood hosts what’s probably the greatest concentration of condominiums in the entire city.

It’s a very popular area amongst young singles, since lots of new businesses keep springing to provide employment opportunities. It’s not really a spot known for its active nightlife, however quaint restaurants are popping up at every corner.

So are you a single professional or student looking for a place to live in Montreal? Check out the real estate listings and see if you can find options in any of these neighborhoods.

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