Nubricks Blog - Getting Your Bedroom Looking Fabulous for 2017

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22 Feb 2017

Getting Your Bedroom Looking Fabulous for 2017

Buying the right furniture for your bedroom can be quite the challenge. Finding furniture that’s the right size and design for a space is tricky, and not everyone is willing to perform a shopping comparison at the store. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to visit furniture stores, wholesale stores, and massive furniture retailers to find the perfect set for your bedroom. Before diving headfirst into this venture, consider these factors when finding the perfect bedroom furniture.

First Thing’s First: Let’s Look at Cost

Cost is an important consideration to make as it determines whether you can afford a certain design and/or material. If you’re looking for leather, special wood or designer furniture, you should be prepared to spend a bit more money. If you want to cut on cost, you can choose to buy furniture as a set. This will save you lots of time and money since you don’t have to shop around for each separate piece. In addition, furniture sets often come with a good discount.

“No matter the theme in your bedroom, you can always find the right furniture. It’s important to choose something that won’t just look great in your bedroom but also has great value.” Brentwood Home - natural bedding and mattresses

Super Stylin’

Your choice of style will set the theme for yourbedroom. Four categories you should have in mind are uniqueness, fun, light and practicability. You should identify the style that you like before going out shopping to make the process more efficient. By having your furniture style in mind, it will be easier to choose furniture at the store.

All About Size

Bedroom furniture comes in different sizes - king, queen and full size. Choosing furniture size not only depends on preference and the size of your bedroom but also on the statement you want to make. You should also determine whether you need additional furniture like a desk, bookshelf, or storage units. Knowing exactly how you want to utilize your bedroom space will always make it easier to choose the right bedroom furniture.

The basic bedroom set comprises of a bed, dresser, and two bedside tables. Sometimes you can get a matching mirror and/or storage cabinets. You should create harmony by buying pieces that match the theme of your bedroom.

If you prefer a designer bedroom set, your bedroom will have a unique and attractive look. However, it’s important to note that such a set will cost you more but last much longer.

For a child’s bedroom, it’s a good idea to choose less expensive furniture as they will grow out of it quicker. Kids also play around and scratch furniture which depreciates its value. Therefore, you should go for practical, simple, colorful, and fun furniture for a child’s bedroom.

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