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27 Sep 2016

How to increase the safety of your new commercial property

Launching a new business is a true test of your mettle. From worrying about budget errors to juggling deadlines, there are plenty of late night ‘what ifs’ to keep you from your beauty sleep. And one extra concern you don’t want to find yourself dealing with is a nightmare security situation.

After months of searching you might have finally secured yourself the perfect new commercial property with all the space you could possibly need and the perfect location, but is it safe to move in to?

Floods, fires, and break-ins might seem like the plot devices of overly dramatic soap operas, but accidents do happen.

Nobody likes having a plate overloaded with responsibilities and urgent tasks, and it’s understandably tempting to make shortcuts along the way to opening day. But for the sake of your employees and premises you can’t afford to neglect the safety and security of your new building.

To help you keep everyone safe from harm should the worst happen, we’ve identified three areas to check out before you make the big move into your new building.

Fire protection and prevention

Fire safety is highly regulated, so getting a plan in order now will avoid the headache of any failed inspections in the future. To begin with, check that all fire alarms are up-to-date and in full working order.

Once you’ve sorted out the basics you can then look at investing in preventative action. Durasteel offers a vast range of measures from fire doors to more extreme underground blast protection services, which means they’ll have plenty of options to fit with the needs of your business.

Electrical supply and upkeep

A dodgy wiring system that hasn’t been updated in years is a huge safety risk – from shocks to electrical fires, it could cause devastating damage if left unchecked. DIY efforts won’t cut it here, so hire a qualified electrician to survey the property and its electrical supply.

Defective or misused electrical equipment is another hazard to keep an eye on. Regular electrical safety tests will quickly highlight any problems before they escalate, but you can also avoid common issues by not overloading sockets and unplugging appliances that aren’t in use.

Stop unauthorised access

No business can afford to become a target for thieves or vandals, so don’t overlook physical security measures. Scope out the building before you move in to see if things like secure door systems or CCTV are needed, and install any new measures as quickly as possible.

But defending yourself from physical break-ins is only half the battle nowadays. With a growing reliance on cloud computing cybersecurity is a top concern for most businesses. Make sure your network is fully protected by investing in firewall software before you open for business.

Once you’ve got the security and safety basics covered you’ll be able to welcome your employees to their new workplace, and rest easy knowing you’ve managed to tick off at least one important entry on your to-do list.
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