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26 May 2016

Nubricks Tips: for finding people to renovate your property

You’ve found the right property in the perfect location. It’s a gleaming mansion compared to the last dump you lived in and, like any house you’re trying to turn into a home, you want to look after it as effectively as possible.

But that’s easier said than done, especially when you’ve moved into a new area. And if you’re DIY-minded, you’ll be tempted to roll up your sleeves and try to solve any problem yourself, no matter how large the job might be.

That’s a bad idea. Without a reputable list of contacts in your back pocket, you’ll be left with the time-consuming task of renovating a house without any help whatsoever. You’ll have to take time off work to lay your carpets, and be left potentially stumped when something goes wrong (and, with DIY, when doesn’t something go wrong?).

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ideas and tips on how you can help your house become a home, and gain a few helping hands in the process.

Pest control

When rodents, insects, woodworm or birds begin infesting your home, there’s very little you can do on your own apart from setting a few traps and crossing your fingers. You’re going to need to call a professional, not least if you’ve got an infestation.

So where can I find pest control near me? You’re probably asking yourself. And the answer is simple, if you know which parts of the internet to check.

One of the most reputable providers of pest control is Rentokil, an internationally recognised brand that will most likely have a branch in your area. While local small businesses can be hit or miss, we’d recommend a renowned brand like Rentokil for a sure-fire hit on bugs and insects, so give them a look.


Plumbing is a specialist technical profession, and dodgy pipes have the potential to flood your entire home. Is it really something you want to tackle yourself?

Fully trained plumbers are easy to track down in any city, but the risk of running into a cowboy is high. If you encounter a shyster, you can solve the problem by checking your consumer rights and, if push comes to shove, taking the fink to court.

To ensure any tradesperson won’t take you for a ride, check customer reviews online. They’ll most likely keep you safe from anyone looking to take advantage. And don’t be worried about looking for a second opinion before you agree to any building work you don’t understand. Who knows – you might find a better offer elsewhere.
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