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23 Jan 2007

Bets on Brazil property as future favourite

As we reported back in June, the popularity of property in Brazil as an emerging real estate investment is clearly on the rise, according to the views of 3,000 overseas property investors who participated in an online survey managed by When questioned as to their opinion on which countries would provide the best returns over the next 5 years, Bulgaria, Brazil and Dubai emerged as favourite property investment destinations for the next 5 years.

Spurred on by newbie EU status earlier this year and in line with industry speculation, 20.5% of overseas investors plumped for Bulgaria as their money making hotspot prospect of the future whilst it was envitable that the conventional overseas property markets of Spain, France and Italy would fail to feature as future investment cash cows and with just 1.3% of online vote, France is expected to be the worst performer in the years to come.

Budding property hotspots continue to garner international investor interest with up and coming locations such as Morocco and Turkey making their presence felt in the survey. Brazil property however has risen from obscurity to second place behind Bulgarian property to overtake property in Dubai, whose marketing overdrive has assured its potential overseas property all-star status.

Results of survey :
1. Bulgaria   20.5%

2. Brazil        16.2%
3. Dubai       15.1%

4. Turkey    12.4%
5. Morocco     8.1%
6. Spain          5.9%
7. USA            5.4%
8. Australia    5.4%
9. UK              4.3%
10. Italy         3.2%
11. Barbados  2.2%
12. France      1.3%

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