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09 Nov 2006

The Apprentice Season 3 Podcast with Kendra Todd

MicrophoneKendra ToddWe upped the stakes this week and bagged ourselves an exclusive celebrity interview for this latest instalment (Podcast #19) of the Nubricks Property Podcast series, Adam Samuel talks to none other than US Realtor, Entrepreneur and Winner of The Apprentice USA, Kendra Todd. Kendra explains how she got herself ‘Hired’ by Donald Trump and her time with Trump International, reveals her own real estate investment strategy, the importance of taking calculated risk, the increasingly visible role of women in property, why Britons should invest in Florida and the let's us in on her top 5 property picks in the US which present future investment potential. Finally, Kendra shares her thoughts as to why she thinks Caroline Kepcher and Mr Trump parted company!

Kendra Todd is the owner and broker of the Kendra Todd Group which seeks out new and emerging real estate markets within the Unites States. Her mission is to enable all people to achieve financial freedom in life and in her opinion, the perfect vehicle through which to do so is bricks and mortar.

Kendra tells us that after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, she purchased her first property, a $50,000 condo in Florida, at 23 years old. She now holds a wide portfolio including other properties in Florida, Las Vegas, Phoenix and North Carolina.

The trials and tribulations of The Apprentice taught her the importance of endurance, working hard and having a solid strategy to obtain the right results. As the winner of The Apprentice 3, real estate tycoon Donald Trump appointed Kendra to manage the renovation and sale of the world’s most expensive home (at the time), a $125 million waterfront mansion on Palm Beach Island, South Florida.  Since then Kendra has taken that entrepreneurial spirit forward with a new US TV series 'My House is Worth What?' on HGTV and also publishing a book entitled “Risk and Grow Rich” and her recent article on Yahoo Real Estate sparked controversy when talking about the US property bubble.

Kendra is keen to help property buyers overcome their fears of taking risks. She feels that taking “positive risk in order to achieve positive results” is essential. She also raises the fact that more and more women are becoming active in the property market, be it for second homes or investing in property as part of pension provision. Kendra very much believes that real estate can play an important role in providing for the future, for your own retirement or your children’s college/university fees for example.

Hot Property Spots in the USA
She identifies 5 key US property hotspots in which to invest which include North West Florida, North Carolina, Idaho, Tennessee and Colorado.  North Carolina in particular is seeing huge growth as it has become an ideal destination for the baby boomer generation, where demand is high and supply low. So you heard it first here!

We also talk about how interest from US citizens investing abroad has risen substantially. Favoured overseas property locations are the Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica and South America as these country’s economies are closely linked to that of the US. However Dubai and rental property in France has also become popular. Kendra feels that the impact of the weak US Dollar compared to the Euro or Pound has not enticed Americans to invest into Europe further. However on the flip side, the favourable exchange rate has enabled many Britons to invest well in the US. Kendra welcomes overseas buyers as she feels that the increase in global communications has allowed people to view the world as their back yard. She would advise Britons however to only take calculated risks and make sure they learn how to manage a property from afar before purchasing.

The podcast has been removed as it is now out of date.

Length: 00:28:00

If you would be interested in reading a transcript of the interview, please leave a comment below.
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