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26 Jul 2006

Furniture Packages Spain not an afterthought

"Don't let furniture be an afterthought in the overseas property buying process"

 Lounge FurnitureMany property owners underestimate the cost of furniture packages in Spain and need to find companies or individuals that can furnish their homes on a budget without losing the quality look. Some home owners drive their own furniture over to Spain, but I’m not sure that this is cost or time effective if you don’t have contacts in the transport business. Furnishing your home in Spain can be a stressful time especially if you expect to get it all done in one weekend. It is difficult to view furniture over the web or in brochures as it is an emotional process and you may change your mind when seeing the furniture in a showroom. Having someone on the ground in the area where you have bought is a good idea. Before you come over to look and purchase your Spanish furniture you can give them an idea of what you are looking for in terms of style and furnishings. They can then point you in the right direction, minimising the stress of walking around lots of shops and furniture stores and avoiding paying too high a price for key items such as sofas and white goods etc.

Rental Furniture Packs in Spain

Bedroom FurnitureAs property investment overseas and particularly in Spain has grown significantly over the last few years, properties need to be furnished immediately upon completion for prompt rental. When renting your property to clients you need to think about what furniture will be suitable for this scenario. You do not want to overspend on furniture when there is a greater chance of things getting broken or damaged. It is worth looking for companies who can offer these kind of packages, where you are able to buy an, all- inclusive furniture pack that covers all the bases. You still may need to go and buy a few extra bits, but the majority of necessary items have been catered for.

Rental furniture points to note:

Don’t buy too many breakables, kids love to pick things up so they may be there in  pieces when you next come out.
Leave adequate space for food and condiments in your cupboards, as kitchens in Spain tend to be smaller than what you may be used to at home.
Take an inventory of all that you buy and make sure this is checked by your rental management agency after each rental. (Take a deposit for damages)
Buy goods that can be replaced easily, the last thing you want is 4 different types of plates and 6 different shaped glasses.

Other points to remember for Spain

  • Not all furniture packages include housework items like an ironing board and iron, mop and bucket (for cleaning floors and terrace), dustpan and brush (as it gets really dusty in summer), airer, vacuum cleaner (choose one that can work on marble, tiled or wood floors) and you may wish to consider investing in a washer/dryer in case you need to dry laundry and bedding for winter lets.

  • Leather sofas are great if you have the air conditioning on, but in extreme heat you sweat on them and in the winter you will need to cover them as they are cold to touch.

  • As it does get cold during wintertime in Spain, rugs on the floor help make the home feel warmer and underfloor heating in bathrooms and/or kitchens is an added comfort. Heating is something overlooked by many and in winter you will find it necessary to have a heater of some sort. Electric oil heaters are the best, but take some time to heat up. Many properties have air conditioning, but it is expensive and does dehydrate you. Consider ceiling fans as an alternative cost-effective option.

  • Bed sizes are different in Spain and so make sure you check before you buy all your linen in the UK and then find it doesn’t fit.

  • Electrical goods in Spain tend to be pricey, but this is due to the lack of competition and shops that focus on discounted goods. Shop around to try and find a good deal.

  • Developers rarely leave individual properties in a development with many plants and once you move in they are in all likelihood already dead as they haven’t been watered. Plants can make such a difference to your property and adding a few to your planter or garden can increase your rental potential and even the value of your home. If you do not have much time for gardening, you may want to consider cactai, grasses or plants that can survive without much water. Trailing bougainvillea is nice touch for authenic spanish property look.

Furniture Package Service

If you are looking for a furniture package service in Spain we can put you in contact with reputable companies and individuals, who offer a made to measure personal furnishing service.

These contacts can help your furnishing needs and understanding you requirements, from measurements of room sizes, colour schemes as well as showing you a range of furniture styles across a number of stores. Having a dedicated contact on the ground is very useful if you don’t live in your property full time. They can be available when your furniture is delivered, deal with damaged goods/breakages and even unpack items such as plates, cups, linen ready for your arrival.

If you are looking at more than just furnishing your new home in Spain then, many of our contacts can offer additional services including white goods installations, swimming pool, sky TV, air con, burglar alarms. window grills & security installations as well as building improvements (extensions), decking and gardening maintenance services.

Whether it is a furniture package for a buy to let property or a bespoke furnishing service, Nubricks has a number of reliable contacts in different parts of Spain and abroad. When contacting us please let us know which development and local area of Spain your home is located in.
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